NEW! Gold Rush for the foil OBSESSED

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NEW! Gold Rush for the foil OBSESSED

1. Foil Stickers 2. Foil Hey Note Card 3. Foil Heart Initial Card 4. Foil Thanks Card

There's gold in them hills! or should I say gold foil?  If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you've probably seen a few of my sneak peeks from the workshop. Ever since I caught the "foil fever" I've been feverishly coming up with all sorts of fun ways to incorporate foil into my everyday designs. My favorite so far has been the Botanical inspired colorful line where we have taken a gorgeous color palette and hand pressed gold foil into folded note cards, shown above.

How about adding a little sparkle to your plain old walls? We're continuing the foil feeding frenzy with Dog Breed Prints, why not show off your family's best friend in style? Or how about a precious Personalized Name Print for the nursery or kid's room? Envelopes and packages just got cuter with a set of foil stickers featuring your pup or initial in silver or gold foil.


Gold Foil Dog Breed Note Cards from Fire Hydrant Press

We always have dogs on the mind and from Fire Hydrant Press (the other side of my design brain) we're treating the foil addicted dog lover to a dose of gold (or silver foil) on pastel folded note cards. We offer hundreds of dog breed silhouettes. Got Mutt? No worries here, try a custom designed silhouette where I will make you one from your photograph.


Gold Foil Dog Silhouette on Kraft Paper Notes

Foil sure does sparkle when it's hand pressed onto kraft paper with this set of folded note cards. Did I mention each set of gold foil note cards arrives in it's own gold foil box? Sure makes gift giving a cinch this year!

Speaking of making it easy to give gifts.... I have a super special offer just for my blog readers..

Use Code GOLDRUSH at checkout from InkSpot Workshop and receive FREE Shipping!

Hope you've had fun in my gold rush :)

All pretty product pictures are from our own Creative Coordinator, Joleen Pete.

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