Rocket Pops - A Healthier Version

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Rocket Pops - A Healthier Version

Photo courtesy of Food52

Hello and happy Monday! If you're like me you're into the thick of your kid's summer vacation. That means the days/weeks they are not enrolled in a summer camp or summer travel, you're hearing lots of "mom I"m bored" or "mom can I play on your phone" right? It can be a challenge to keep the kiddos entertained all of the time so I find that spending a little time in the kitchen together, can mean a lot less time being "bored". Not to mention when your little ones are all grown up you hope they look back on their childhood with fond memories of spending time in the kitchen making memories with you.  OK, at least this is what I tell myself each time I attempt to cook with my son, along with a little prayer for patience. My 7.5 year old loves Rocket Pops and so did I when I was his age. My favorite stripe was the white because it tasted like 7Up pop to me. I do give in a few times in the summer and buy them for my little guy, despite the irrational fear I have of his teeth rotting right of his mouth. When I saw this healthier recipe for All American - All Natural Rocket Pops on my new favorite food blog Food52,  I just had to share it with you. Perfect timing for a little patriotic project.  The colors may not be the red, white and blue of the "real" Rocket Pop, but hopefully kids won't really notice when they taste these.  Try serving them up with some sparklers on Thursday. This recipe is on my Things to do to help celebrate the 4th of July list and hopefully will make it to yours. If you get around to making these with your family, be sure to reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram and share pics! Or feel free to post right here. If you're looking for other ways to celebrate Popsicles, check out this post from last year called Popsicle Celebration. Click HERE for full Rocket Pop recipe and tutorial ENJOY!

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