Happy First Birthday Poopie Doops!

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Happy First Birthday Poopie Doops!
I know this sounds cliche but it's really hard to believe these pictures were taken exactly one year ago today! We were not fully prepared for how much joy and silliness this little bundle would turn into. One year ago our family was forever changed by this unexpected surprise. Every day we thank God for our newest addition, every day we laugh and every day he brings tears to my eyes. Christian Anthony Altiery, if someone told me a couple years ago that I would have another baby (in my 40's, mid 40's that is!) I would never have believed them. I would have been scared to death at the thought, I mean how could I handle two kids? Two kids at six years apart? Two kids and my own business? Well it's all worked out just fine I'm happy to report:) Christian, each day you warm my heart when you... - Smile and jump up and down in your crib when you first see me in the morning - Amuse Winston with your never ending game of keep away - Babble away really trying to make words (still no mommy yet) - Yell for "Da" at the basement door when your daddy goes down to his office - Wave bye bye (towards yourself) - Use your toes for everything, just like a little monkey - Thoroughly enjoy your food! You are definitely part of this food loving family - Pull yourself up to me so I can pick you up and snuggle - Dance and move to music, especially Salsa! At the most unexpected times. - Playing peek-a-boo but putting your hands on top of your head instead of your eyes - Wrestle with your brother when he comes home from school - Crawl super fast towards your daddy with excitement when you first see him come home - Exploring all of your surroundings with such excitement and wonder Who knew there could be this much more love in our family? Most of all I love just sitting back and watching how much you and your brother adore each other. Watching how your big brother protects you and lives for your giggles. How your face lights up whenever he is near you. In your eyes Nathan is the funniest person in the world and he is proud to have that title. We all love you very much and can't wait to celebrate your first birthday with you and make memories together.

This is Christian today! On Instagram? Follow me at InkSpotWorkshop This little guy has his own hashtag #poopiedoops come see all his pics over the year.

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