2013 Workspace Makeover Aqua and Coral

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2013 Workspace Makeover Aqua and Coral

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It's January and that means a new year and a new workspace for me here at my shop. I've enjoyed the past several years of having these pretty, warm gold walls and bold Ikea Stem curtains, but it's time for a change! I'm thrilled to have my own space here in my home to run my growing little stationery business and trust me when I tell you I'm using every square inch in here. I do plan on keeping all my current furniture since I still like it and it helps make my space fully functional, except when the clutter starts creeping like RIGHT NOW.  Click here to take a tour of my current office workspace. It all started with the great deal I scored on the ikat curtain panels from the Ballard Design Outlet, here in Atlanta. I never thought I liked ikat patterns until I spied these pretties. But what would I do with these? I mean come on...I'm known for my love of bright and bold, not muted? Then came my genius decorator friend Julie Silber of As You Wish Decor to the rescue. Her vision? "Take the Tiffany blue from the ikat center and paint your walls the same shade. Then bring in pops of coral accents here and there. Paint all your current brown furniture white to match the other white pieces and choose an aqua rug to ground it. Whoa! Aqua and coral? My first reaction was a flashback to my apartment from the late '80's in South Florida, where I ate, slept and breathed that color combination and consequently owned everything in that shade from Pier 1. But then I started to browse around on Pinterest and the web and low and behold the idea grew on me. I'm starting to think Palm Springs, not Palm Beach. My next score was this Jonathan Adler "esque" styled chair also from Ballard, where I plan to get a seat cushion made from this fun coral mustache fabric, plus spray this gem a high gloss white. The best $75 ever spent for a chair, right? I also have a medium sized bookcase that I plan on painting coral, which should really look amazing with all of the white bookcases that surround it. I'm fully on board with Julie's vision and can't wait to show you the finished project, so stay tuned.  The next couple weeks I will be fully submerged in my workspace makeover, plus finding a temporary space to handle all my customer's orders. I realize I still  haven't revealed my (now 3 month old) baby's nursery so hang tight for those pics too.

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