Meet Feedly - The new Google Reader

Posted on March 26, 2013 by Stacy Altiery | 0 comments

Meet Feedly - The new Google Reader
In case you haven’t heard, Google announced that on July 1, 2013 it is doing away with the old standby blog feed reader we've all grown up with ...Google Reader.  If you are currently following me through Google Reader, you’ve got a few options on how you can easily continue to get my posts. I'm honestly touched to have a great readership like you, and hope you continue with your usual morning coffee routine and reading my blog after July 1st. Additionally I have big changes arriving to my little blog in the next few months, so stay tuned. So what do you do if you are following all of your favorite blogs in Google Reader? Meet Feedly. From my own clicking around, I’ve discovered that the look of Feedly is just like a magazine or blog layout. It is super easy to organize the blogs you read into categories so you can see certain groups of friends, family, favorites at a glance. If you had your Google reader categorized already, the import setting will bring your previous categories right into Feedly. I love the nice and clean format and especially that it feels more like a magazine than the scroll down of Google Reader. Here are a few helpful points on getting started with Feely...
  • How do you migrate your Reader subscriptions to Feedly? Simply login with your Reader credentials and Feedly will pull in all of your feeds, folders, and favorited items.
  • How do I favorite an item in Feedly? In Google Reader, you'd click the star to save an item for later. In Feedly, the same function occurs when you click the small bookmark icon. Instead of favoriting, they call it "save for later."
  • What happens when Google Reader shuts down? Feedly states that your feeds will stay intact, and they'll begin handling your feed subscriptions.
Hope this helps!

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