Instagram - Show Me Your Pup and WIN!

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Instagram - Show Me Your Pup and WIN!
Love to show off your PUP? I do too! Fire Hydrant Press customers are enthusiastic about their four legged friends and saying you're CRAZY about your dog is putting it mildly! Not only are we crazy about our dogs around here too, we're crazy about Instagram! If you're snapping shots and posting them (admittedly obsessively) be sure you're following us. We thought it would be fun to see your colorful Fire Hydrant Press goodies in action. We want to see the PUP behind the silhouette. So grab your pooch and phone case, tray, note cards, print, whatever your pleasure and take a picture. Post it to Instagram and use hash tag #firehydrantpress and #showmeyourpup. Each month we will choose a winner to receive something COOL from Fire Hydrant Press. Can't wait to meet your puppers! Have fun

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