Custom Dog Silhouette

Collections: For Dog Lovers

Is your dog a mutt like mine? Or perhaps you have the cutest picture of your pooch that shows off his or her little personality to a T? Then a Custom Dog Silhouette option from Fire Hydrant Press is for you!

You will receive a high resolution single subject digital silhouette send directly to your inbox to keep forever and ever. Simply add this item to your cart for us to use on items such as Personalized Phone Cases, Coasters or Serving Trays just to name a few. Don't worry, we'll still send you the final file.

The Custom Silhouette option is not available for purchase alone, must be combined with the product(s) you would like.

Custom digital silhouettes are made from your photos. Once you have placed your order, please email your picture to and reference your order number. For best results, choose a picture with  your dog standing to the side and at dog "eye level" against a light colored background as this makes for a better profile.

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